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The Mac version will be distributed to the users registered on the app site waiting list. The Windows version is scheduled to be released in the near future.

Essential activities amid the coronavirus pandemic include remote work, online medical care, online classes, and online events. All of these are based on video chat, live video streaming, or video production, requiring a camera. xpression camera removes the camera and replaces it with virtual camera software. It works on any platform, including Zoom, Twitch, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet: just select “xpression camera” from the camera settings. Instead of using a physical camera, users can prepare any image or video of a person they want, which will be animated in real time according to the user’s facial expressions, voice, and body movements.

xpression camera removes the all constraints imposed by physical cameras.

Many people suffer from “Zoom fatigue” because their face is continually displayed, giving them the sense that they are constantly being watched. Many people turn off the camera to avoid Zoom fatigue, wearing makeup or revealing a messy room. However, turning off the camera tends to suppress conversation on the other person’s part. xpression camera hides the user’s actual face, conveying only their facial expressions. This removes Zoom fatigue, the need for makeup and prevents the room from being shown.

Everything is being done online due to the coronavirus pandemic, removing the need for traditional fashion such as hairstyles, clothing, makeup, and perfume. xpression camera frees users from their physical constraints, allowing them to use photos of themselves at their best or to transform into another person in the same way they would change clothes. It rewrites the concept of fashion amid the coronavirus pandemic.

xpression camera allows users to become anyone with just one video or image, giving them more options than merely filming themselves directly when making videos on YouTube and Instagram or live streaming on Twitch.

The ultimate goal of EmbodyMe is to allow everyone to effortlessly create any visual content they can imagine, using deep learning. The company intend to keep improving their technology, enabling users to generate and control any visual elements in an image or video for use in professional video production as well as video chat.

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