Save up to $20: The latest versions of Amazon’s Fire TV Sticks are on sale for Black Friday. Get the Fire TV Stick Lite for $17.99, the Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa voice remote for $29.99, and more.

Fire TV Sticks make streaming so damn easy. That’s a pretty compelling argument in a time when staying home and binge-watching are the extent of our weekend plans.

They can essentially turn any old TV into a smart TV. For anyone hanging on to their old TV from college or who just moved a hand-me-down TV into a new room of the house, a Fire TV Stick introduces so many new watch options for cheap. Just jab it into the HDMI port, spend five minutes in setup, and you’re ready to go. (An Amazon account is required —important to remember when buying as a gift for someone else.)

A Fire Stick can also make your laggy smart TV better. Smart TVs from the mid-2010s can technically get on the internet, but the glacial pace at which those menus move is enough to make you watch on your phone instead. More niche apps like Shudder aren’t yet available on Vizio or Samsung interfaces, but can be accessed through Fire TV. Amazon’s free news app called “News” gives users access to CBS News, Reuters, Yahoo Sports.

Amazon has dropped the price on all three Fire TV Sticks for Black Friday — the cheapest being less than $18 and the most expensive being less than $30. Here are your options:

Meet the cheapest way to add internet access to any TV. The Fire TV Stick Lite can do most anything the classic Fire Stick can do except for control the TV itself — controlling volume, muting, and turning on/off will still be done through your TV’s remote. (Anyone who purchased the older version a few years ago knows that life. It’s not so bad.) Otherwise, the Lite can access a ton of apps on the Fire TV library and find stuff to watch or listen to through Alexa voice commands. The Lite remote can be used to scroll through apps, play, pause, and skip.

All Amazon Fire TV Sticks are on sale and super affordable this Black Friday

The classic Fire TV Stick is all new and has a new set of buttons: plus and minus controls for volume, a power button, and a mute button. For around the same price as the first gen Fire Stick (that was way more basic), the new Fire Stick can do pretty much everything that your TV’s remote can do. Dolby Atmos theater audio and 50% faster processing speeds will make your binge-watching experience even better.

All Amazon Fire TV Sticks are on sale and super affordable this Black Friday

No disrespect to the regular Fire Stick, but there’s little reason to not spend another measly $2 to get the 4K version. (The exception being that you don’t have a TV that supports 4K and don’t plan on upgrading to one anytime soon.) The HDR10+ support is what will really make this streamer’s content stand pop.

All Amazon Fire TV Sticks are on sale and super affordable this Black Friday

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