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MP minister abuses Sikh community during scuffle&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspTimes Now

Indore: A BJP MLA from Madhya Pradesh was caught on camera allegedly threatening and abusing the Sikh community during a scuffle.

The scuffle broke out in Mungaoli Assembly constituency in Guna district, Times Now’s Govind reported.

In a video, BJP MLA Brajendra Singh Yadav can be heard threatening some members of the Sikh community.

This comes days after a 43-year- old Sikh man, Balwinder Singh was allegedly shoved and his turban was pulled by a cop in Howrah in West Bengal during the BJP Yuva Morcha rally on October 8, an incident that sparked massive outrage.

The West Bengal police had, however, said that the person was carrying a loaded pistol and his headgear “had fallen off automatically in the scuffle that ensued”.

“The concerned person was carrying firearms in yesterday’s protest. The Pagri had fallen off automatically in the scuffle that ensued, without any attempt to do so by our officer. It is never our intention to hurt the sentiments of any community,” the West Bengal Police had said.

West Bengal turban row

The incident had drawn flak from various quarters with the BJP accusing the ruling TMC in the state of hurting the sentiments of Sikhs.

Hitting out at the Trinamool Congress, BJP national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya said even brave soldiers who had served the nation are not spared in the TMC’s regime.

“Security personnel Balwinder Singh was beaten by the West Bengal Police on the road and insulted his turban; he is a capable soldier! He has also done several military courses! The humiliation of such brave people is sad in Mamata Raj. Such policemen should be punished!” he tweeted.

BJP national secretary Arvind Menon also slammed the West Bengal Police. “By pulling the turban of Sardar Balwinder Singh Ji, Bengal Police has insulted all the Sikhs of the country, today it seems that Mughal rule has been established again in Bengal. Was there no respect for the religious sentiments of anyone except a particular community in Bengal?” Menon said in a tweet.

The West Bengal government, however, said that the incident was given “communal colour” in “narrow partisan interest”.

In a series of tweets, the state’s home department had said that the incident is being twisted out of context, and being given communal colours in “fractious and partisan interest”.

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