Apple has finally launched the new iPhone 12 series in India at a starting price of Rs 69,900. Yes, they are costlier than the last year’s iPhone 11 series but that is not the only thing bugging people this time. The new series hardly looks new because when it comes to design it clearly borrows A LOT from the iPhone 5. And to top it all, many are disappointed by the fact that Apple will not be including iPhone chargers and earphones in the iPhone box anymore.

iPhone 12

All these announcements have burst into an Apple-roasting meme fest on Twitter:

The Ross and Russ memes:


The kidney jokes:

Since Apple apologised for slowing down the older iPhones to make users buy new ones a few years back, but people are clearly not ready to trust Apple again. And they have the most hilarious ways to express it:

And there are those who just cannot get over the fact that they will not get the charger and headphones in the iPhone box anymore. Who cares about the environment, right?

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