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Elephant seal was caught ‘galloping’ around a residential area in Chilean coastal town. &nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspTwitter

Puerto Cisnes, a coastal town in Chile, was deep in slumber and under the nationwide midnight curfew due to COVID-19 when a ruckus was created outside their houses. It was all because of a massive elephant seal that had come from the shores into the civilian area. The incident took place on Monday night when the seal, weighing around two-tonnes was seen galloping around the streets. 

Residents had taken to the streets to witness what was taken place. Many clips were posted online on many social media sites that have gone viral and stupefied the internet. 

In another video, the elephant seal is seen being taken back to the sea with the help of several residents who had come out on the streets. Without harming him in any way, the public was seen holding black tarpaulin and tried to drive the mammal back into its habitat. This video was posted by a man named Reinaldo Anders. 

According to the people present there, the seal was extremely disoriented and looked ‘scared and confused’ as he was very far away from the shore. Therefore, he looked terrified and was seen galloping around, trying to get back to where he came from. A local woman named Antonia told a local newspaper ‘Infobae,” I was a bit startled, to begin with because they move slowly, I calmed down and told my son to film it.”

She further added how, like many others around her, had never seen an elephant seal this closely, “we see these animals quite far out at sea and we don’t know much about them. You don’t know if they are dangerous or if they could attack someone. But what we saw here that the animal was scared.”

A sergeant in the Chilean navy named Jose Munoz told a Spanish news agency ‘Efe’ that the mammal had travelled quite a bit into the locality before it was guided back to its natural habitat. 

This is not the first time Chile has come across such incidents. A few months back, seven mountain lions were seen on the streets of the country capital of Santiago. 

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