Sony has now offered a look at the PlayStation 5’s revamped user interface and user experience in an almost 12-minute long video. According to Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President, Platform Planning & Management, in a PlayStation blog, the new user experience (UX) is completely centred on the player and provides them with a next-generation experience with deeper immersion that connects then with some amazing games. As per the blog, the new UX introduces several new features designed to make the gaming experiences fun, engaging, personalised and social.

Activities are displayed via on-screen cards in the Control Center

One of the highlights pointed out in the blog is a new Control Center, which provides gamers with immediate access to almost everything they might need from the system at the single press of the PlayStation button on the DualSense wireless controller.

They have also included a new feature called Activities that is designed to bring one closer to the key elements of gameplay.

As per the blog, Activities are displayed via on-screen cards in the Control Center. This allows gamers to discover new gameplay opportunities, go back in the game to things they might have had missed or jump directly into levels or challenges they might want to play.

According to the blog post, they have rebuilt the entire software stack from the console to the network to bring a next-generation gaming experience.

According to a report by Polygon, the PS5 dahsboard is similar to the PlayStation 4 one where players can scroll horizontally through their games and press down on the D-pad to look at an individual games Activity cards.

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