It’s certainly influenced by nokia like many phones and I don’t think it’s bad. Years now Huawei has adopted Nokia’s idea to use unique features in their cameras, just like nokia used to do. I know the design looks weird, but it’s not bad. It’s just a polygon, it’s symmetrical, you could even say it’s minimalistic. In time we’ll get used to it. It’s better than most phones and their camera bumps. Including apple and Samsung, which I both like, that huge black square in the corner in most phones , is not nice. As for the cameras, I would prefer really huge and less sensors with a little bit of software magic , just like pixel. Of course this phone will give you more than you need and will try to mimic DSLRs. If these rumours are true of course. This rendering could be fake.


TEtech, 3 hours agohave you tried 90hz?
also almost every phone above 300$ has 90hz+
Except Iphones 12.

They decided to go with 5G instead of 90 or 120hz because “it’s easier to market”

Could prob go with booth but then proffits would be too low from them.


those camera weird shape, not only for huawei brand,


After watching every teardown, small circlular bump is enough for rear camera. (Rectangle for periscope)


kik, 3 hours agocamera is inspired by Nokia hexagon camera. CopyI’ll share a little secret for you, every phone is a copy of the released phone 🤫🤭

I give u one more secret here (between u and i), every car is a copy of the first produced car shhhhh… Etc. Etc. Etc.

You know that 🤭🙄

But hey, it’s not even close to that Nokia thingy, try take a look one more time or stop using drugs.


kik, 3 hours agocamera is inspired by Nokia hexagon camera. Copywhat? no, not even similar



The Mate 40 series looks like:



Only need 3 cameras: huge sensor wide, large sensor ultra-wide, and folding zoom. All the extra “cameras” are useless


camera is inspired by Nokia hexagon camera. Copy


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Berserker89, 4 hours agoFake fake fake.
There is already hands on video on YouTube.
Thank me later

https://yo… more
That won’t work on me mortal.


Damn they shouldve stick with the circular camera like last year


Jimbob, 3 hours agoEw I dont want it!!Then don’t whine about it.


joe nodden, 3 hours agoThat camera bump is nice looking. It’s centered and symmetrical. Better than most other h… moretrue, but could be a lil smaller


Anonymous, 6 hours ago60hz is better than 90hz cause it feels rly similar and saves money compared to 90hzhave you tried 90hz?

also almost every phone above 300$ has 90hz+


That camera bump is nice looking. It’s centered and symmetrical. Better than most other hideous bumps.


It’s supposed to be an aesthetically pleasing phone, Huawei, not a camera


KebabSLO, 8 hours agoIt’s hard to find EU priority line shipping from a trusted website or seller.
If i spend… more
I got my Mate 20X sealed from a German site in December 2018. If u search enough it’s possible to get phones for better prices.

Many Chinese firms, Aliexpress etc. have stocks in Europe nowadays to.

I bought 5 flagship phones the last 4 years on Aliexpress, 3 of them send with DHL from European stock.

You see an example here, send from Spain with DHL ✔️✔️✔️


So many peoples calling the camera design ugly, but I prefer having a phone that FINALLY have the 5 major lens types (Wide, Ultra-Wide, Portrait, Telephoto, Macro) that each have their use, over a “beautiful design” that lack the important ones.

Though, it is possible and would be the better option to combine all those into a single exterior main element lens, split into two periscope (one for short focal length going from Wide to Ultra-Wide, and the other for long focal length for 1x magnification up to *x (5x, 10x ?) with a deep focus range and depth of field control to allow optical Portrait and Macro) that feed a single, super high quality sensor, then put one or two depth sensor, resulting in a more than good looking design, cheaper and excellent quality of pictures.

What I do find ugly though is the horrible dual punch holes and those curved displays (that in pictures, with the good angle look good, but look quite bad in real life), the single sensor solution could allow a see through periscope pop up to utilise both the main sensor and the depth sensor(s) for 3D facial recognition and allowing to get rid of the punch hole horror.

Anyway, most peoples don’t even look at the back of their phone more than once per month, so who care how it look, practicality is way better than appearance in that case.

I’d prefer a thicker device that could get rid of the stupid camera hump, allow larger battery and a full set of features over a slim and limited phone with a camera that make it unstable laying down without a case.

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