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There’s something unique about an instant camera that makes it more than just another form factor. When you click a picture with an instant camera, you experience a satisfying combination of the flair of film and speed of digital. Every picture taken with an instant camera becomes unique and personal. All of that is accessible without a steep learning curve since instant cameras are designed to be fun and easy to use, as well as highly portable. Most of all, there’s the old school charm of having the picture you’ve taken slowly develop in front of you. If you want to experience all that, here are some instant cameras available on Amazon that you could choose from. They’ve been shortlisted on the basis of their specifications and features.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Fujifilm has been at the forefront of the instant camera revolution, and the Instax Mini 9 is a fine example of its prowess. One of the first examples of its timelessness is the selfie mirror up front. It lets you frame a perfect selfie without feeling the need for a digital display. With the close-up lens attachment, you can also move up to your subjects – as much as 35 cm away – which ensures perfect close up shots. The high key mode on the camera aims for softer results that can give your pictures a unique aesthetic appeal.

Polaroid Snap

Combining the fun of instant printing with the convenience of digital storage, the Polaroid Snap instant camera aims to bring the best of both worlds to your photography. With a compact form factor, the Polaroid Snap also offers the flexibility of choosing between six different picture modes – borderless normal, black & white, polaroid border and more. There’s also a ten-second timer in case you want to be in the shot yourself, assisted by the tripod mount at the bottom. The camera is rechargeable using a micro-USB cable. Thanks to the Zero-INK printing technology, there’s no risk of smudging your prints.

Leica 19106 Sofort

As the first instant camera from Leica, the Sofort is designed to impress. There are easy to use modes like Party and People, Sport and Action and other common options such as Macro, Bulb, Double-exposure and even a dedicated selfie-mode. You can also adjust settings like flash, focussing distance and exposure using the handy controls on the camera. In addition to Leica film, the camera is also compatible with Fujifilm Instax film packs which are more easily available and accessible. The model is available in three interesting colour options – white, mint and orange – letting you pick one that fits your style. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

To offer well-lit pictures even in low light situations, the Instax Mini 11 from Fujifilm comes with a high-performance flash. It automatically senses the brightness of the environment and adjusts the shutter speed for a perfectly balanced result – no manual intervention required. A simple pull of the extended lens reveals the ‘Selfie On’ indicator. In this mode, the camera ensures best results when capturing self-portraits which can be framed with the selfie mirror. It is also the best mode to capture close-ups of a subject 30 to 50cm away. You can make the camera truly yours by adding on some special aesthetic accessories, also available from Fujifilm.

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