Home security has never been easier to set up and more convenient than it is today. With a ton of great HomeKit security cameras, you can control, review footage, and secure your house all from the screen of your iPhone, and thanks to this awesome Black Friday deal on ecobee’s new SmartCamera and SmartSensor, it’s never been more affordable.

ecobee’s camera debut comes with impressive visuals, Alexa integration, HomeKit support, and intelligent Smart Focus tracking. If you can afford the high upfront price and the subscription fee for video recording, then this camera will not disappoint.

$200 at Best Buy

Although ecobee’s SmartCamera is relatively new to the market, iMore fell in love with it when we did our ecobee SmartCamera Review! The image quality of the camera is 1080p, with a 180-degree field of view that records at 30 frames per second. You can also activate night vision, which utilizes 3 infrared wide-angle LEDs, and the camera supports 2-way audio with an integrated microphone. The camera s super easy to set up and get pair into your HomeKit app on your iPhone, so you can control it from anywhere at any time.

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That’s just the camera. This bundle also includes two of ecobee’s SmartSensor for doors and windows and two of ecobee’s SmartSensor; you’ll have complete control over what’s going on in your home. If someone opens a door, you’ll know. If someone is occupying a room that’s supposed to be empty; you’ll know. It’s that simple.

This entire bundle is a great start for anyone looking to get into home security and doesn’t want to spend a fortune, and since it works with HomeKit, it goes great with the other Apple Black Friday deals we’ve spotted recently. Make sure you’re secure this holiday season and jump on this amazing deal before it’s too late.

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