Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. Beginning at about 2:15 PM Eastern time, Microsoft’s Office 365 services and Outlook started going down for users. Within minutes, users throughout the United States were unable to use their vital services.

If this sounds familiar, it should. We just went through a major, six-hour Office 365 outage in the last week of September. Another such failure, impacting primarily Outlook and Exchange, users hit on October 1st.  

What the heck is going on? So far, the only “news” we have from Microsoft is that it is rather obvious: “Can’t access Microsoft 365 services.” 

Sources close to Microsoft say that problems with Microsoft’s cloud services have been an ongoing issue and this is the latest major manifestation.

Users are not amused. As one system administrator put it on Reddit, “Microsoft is terrible. There should be VP-level heads rolling if this outage goes any longer than a few minutes after what just happened the other day. Email doesn’t need 50 million new features. It just needs to work.”

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