Save up to $10: Buy a Microsoft Xbox digital gift card and save 10% at Best Buy through the end of Nov. 10. 

It’s a momentous day in gaming. As the official release day of the new Xbox Series X and Series S, it’s now time for gamers to see what this next-generation console has to offer. If you were lucky enough to snag one before they sold out (restocks are expected, though), some new games and accessories are at the top of your shopping list. To help out with that, Best Buy has a special gift card deal that helps expand your digital game library.

Buy any Microsoft Xbox digital gift cards and save 10% when you order online at Best Buy. That discount applies to any gift card listed at $10 all the way up to $100. You have to sign up for a free Best Buy account to make purchase the digital gift cards with email instructions to redeem the card arriving within one hour. 

A Microsoft Xbox digital gift card gives you a ton of options. Redeem it at the online Microsoft Store or on Windows and Xbox. That means you can buy just about anything, including digital games, movies, TV shows and other entertainment to download on any compatible device. You can even buy other devices and electronics from the Microsoft Store, such as controllers and gaming headsets. Digital gift cards also don’t expire, so you can wait to spend it on future Xbox Series X games once they become available. 

If you’re ready to jump into the future of gaming, stock up on the essentials with a little help from a discounted Microsoft Xbox digital gift card

Just in time for the new Xbox Series X, Microsoft Xbox gift cards are 10% off

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