Has ever an operational or functional audit of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras installed in Jammu been undertaken to ascertain whether they were in working order or not. If yes, when was the last audit or inspection conducted and who monitored the report to rectify faults or malfunctioning in any one or more installations if reported in the audit notes. We fairly well know the answers as had it been so, the latest status of these cameras would have not been total collapse of their functioning. The paradoxical climax of total carefree approach of the concerned authorities is that this scenario is there for more than two years. Imagine a situation of an untoward incident of some sort of mischief to harm people and property and to track the culprits, when these CCTV cameras would have been found dead, excepting shifting blame game, what else would have been done, is and must be a cause of concern.
If in a place of Jammu and Kashmir, liberties are taken with the security apparatus of any hue, it could boomerangonly to prove perilous. We are given to understand that they are either turnedstale for any repairs or there was no response from any quarter to undertake their maintenance and repairs. Instead of peeping deep into the mess to expend time and energy to find some solution, it would have been advisable to go in for new installations rather than wait for culmination of conservative and lethargic ways of officialdom with no results for two long years. The security scenario and the threat perception from hostile elements from across the borders and their agents in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir is such that we cannot let the guard be off even for two minutes let alone for two years.
Sensitive and vulnerable spots in Jammu like General Bus Stand, Railway Station, dense and crowded locations, busy markets and crossings etc where these devices should have been working without any break, the position on the ground is that all such 41 installations are in a stage of perpetual coma while they are expected to play a crucial and a cardinal role in maintaining an eagle’s eye and surveillance of immense level. We need not spell out added advantages of such installations but, again, are questioning the administration about their approach of let up and laxity about the present status of these cameras. An untoward incident, terror attack or gross violation of traffic norms and causing damages to life and propertycan easily be tracked and vital and leading details known about if there are working and responsive installations like CCTVs etc around.
We are also given to understand that there were problems encountered by the administration in having even new devices installed. We cannot quite agree with such a contention. Let the pricing be revised as an incentive as well as even enticement to firms and agencies engaged in such installations since a bit of more money spent for a vital cause like the one under reference to save life and property, is worth taking such a decision. By simply sleeping over or keeping the issue pending resolution was no solution to the problem especially keeping in view the security and safety aspect in this sensitive part of the country. Let the new installations be made on fast track basis rather than doing paper exercise and official formalities alone as the adage “Savdhani Hatey Durgatna Gatti” or an accident is imminent the moment alertness and caution are off the track must be always kept in mind.

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