Phanteks today introduces the new case to the Eclipse Series, the P360A. Like all other “A” edition chassis, the P360A features the Ultra-fine Performance Mesh front panel and also includes 2x 120 mm D-RGB PWM fans up front to provide high airflow performance.

The Phanteks Ultra-fine Performance Mesh front panel features 1 mm perforations, which balances exceptional airflow and effective dust filtration. Compatible with the new RTX 30 series cards, powerful gaming systems can be created in the P360A with support for the most powerful GPUs mounted horizontally or vertically with the optional Vertical GPU Bracket kit. Additionally, the P360A supports 240/280 radiators and has plenty of room for SSD and HDD storage.

The P360A is designed with a refined D-RGB light trim on the side. Like all of Phanteks’ lighting products, this can be easily controlled with the integrated D-RGB controller that comes with software free pre-programmed lighting effects, or synchronized with compatible motherboards if desired.

The Eclipse P360A is the next gaming chassis with outstanding cooling and exceptional value.


  • Eclipse P360A Digitial RGB (Black) – $69.99 / €69,90 / £64.99
  • Eclipse P360A Digital RGB (White) – $69.99 / €69,90 / £64.99

Availability: October 2020

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