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The Sachtler Aktiv 8 Fluid Head is a brand new take on a product that hasn’t fundamentally changed in decades.

In fact, Sachtler has announced the Aktiv 6, Aktiv 8, Aktiv 8T, and the Aktiv 10. All these fluid heads feature the same design and functionality. Only the size and payload capacity are different. The Aktiv 8T is the same as the Aktiv 8 except it features a touch & go loading plate.

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Key features

  • Unique SpeedLevel technology for quick balancing of the head
  • PrismBubble
  • SpeedSwap system for quickly taking the head on and off
  • Allows you to capture very low angle shots
  • Designed for use in extreme temperatures

For this review, I will be concentrating on the Aktiv 8.

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