SAVE $30: Save on the all-new fourth generation Amazon Echo this Black Friday, and get it for only $69.99 starting on Nov. 22. 

Sometimes it just feels like you need an assistant. Daily life is as hectic as ever, between working from home and virtual learning, so a little assistance could be a lot of help. The all-new Amazon Echo is like your personal home assistant. It can help you manage your home, answer questions, keep track of your calendar, and play your favorite entertainment with simple voice commands. Just in time for the holidays, the fourth generation Echo is on sale for $30 off to help make home life easier. 

The fourth-gen Amazon Echo has an all-new look and even better sound. The speaker itself gives crisp, detailed sound so you can hear your favorite music in all its glory. You’ll be able to voice control your favorite songs from Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more, plus you can sync up to other Echo devices for synchronized sound if you want to fill your whole home with upbeat tunes. The Echo can also be used with a Fire TV device as additional home theatre audio.

The Echo will also get your smart home easily integrated. It has a built-in hub that lets you connect to smart home devices that use Zigbee so you can use your voice to control sensors, lights, and even locks. Echo will also work with Ring smart lighting products once they’re released.

Aside from being a helpful voice assistant and a powerful speaker, Echo can also help keep your home safe when you’re out. Activate Alexa guard, and Echo will send an alert to your phone if it detects smoke alarms or breaking glass while you’re not home. 

Grab the new Amazon Echo for $30 off in this Black Friday deal and get started on building your dream smart home. 

The new Amazon Echo is already $30 off

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