Save $60: As of Nov. 11, the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is already at its Black Friday price — get the 41mm Galaxy Watch3 for $339.99 and the 44mm Galaxy Watch3 for $369.99.

Like almost every other retailer this year, Samsung is starting its Black Friday deals way early. 

We found one of the most notable early deals to be $60 off the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 (more if you have an old one to trade in). Having just been released in August 2020, the latest Galaxy Watch is just a three-month old baby — and when a device is that new to the market, people are typically down to snag one at full price.

To put it in perspective, we’re not sure that people eyeing the Apple Watch Series 6 (which came out in September) should get their hopes up about a big Black Friday discount. Last year, the then-newest Apple Watch Series 5 saw a mere $30 discount off its usual price.

Fun fact: The Galaxy Watch 2 doesn’t exist. The closest thing we can use for comparison is the Galaxy Watch Active2. The word “active” is an easy giveaway that Active2 falls into the athleisure category, while the Galaxy Watch3 is essentially Samsung’s take on a full-fledged Apple Watch. The Galaxy Watch3 has the beloved physical rotating bezel, enhanced sleep monitoring, more detailed running metrics, and trip detection, plus slightly longer battery life (just over two days). In total, the Galaxy Watch3 pulls from over 40 exercise modes that work with on-demand VO2 Max.

A late September software update and green light from the FDA finally puts that heart monitor to good use. Both the Galaxy Watch3 and Active2 can officially take electrocardiogram (ECG) readings via the Samsung Health Monitor app. The Galaxy Watch3 can also perform SPO2 readings and blood pressure tracking.

Without a trade-in, the 41mm Galaxy Watch3 goes for $339.99 and the 44mm Galaxy Watch3 goes for $369.99.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is already at its Black Friday price

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