November’s updates held a few surprises. 

First, for those still running Office 2010 last month was supposed to be the drop-dead date for support.  No more security updates at all.  None.  Zilch.  Zippo.  

And yet, we week received updates for Excel (KB4486743), Office (KB4486737, KB4486738, KB4484534, KB4484455), and for Word (KB4486740) — all of which patch for remote code executions.  (I remember when Office 2007 had its swan song, we received updates after its end-of-life notice as well.) My guess is that these updates were probably still in testing and had not yet been completed, hence the late release. So, if you are still running Office 2010, you get one more month’s worth of updates.  I don’t expect another set next month. But then again, I didn’t expect this month’s either.

The next surprise is another set of Intel Microcode updates. These include KB4589198 for Windows 10 1507 Long Term Servicing Branch, KB4589210 for Windows 10 1607 long term servicing branch, KB4589206 for Windows 10 1803, KB4589208 for Windows 10 1809, KB4589211 for Windows 10 1903 and 1909 and KB4589212 for Windows 10 2004 and 20H2.  These are security updates for Intel processors that have security vulnerabilities. 

Specifically, these target the Avoton, Sandy Bridge E, EN, EP, EP4S, Sandy Bridge E, EP, Valley View / Baytrail processors. (If you have an affected computer, you will be offered up the patch.)


If you’re like me and have no clue what CPU your hardware uses, Intel provides several ways to look up the info. Or in Windows 10, click on Start, then Settings, then About, and in the device specifications window you can see the processor identification – though not the brand name. Typically, I go to the Intel site and search on the processor name and compare that to what’s running on my computer. Alternatively, you can download CPU-Z to determine your exact CPU code name.  This application gives the most specific information about what brand of Intel chip you are running, but a word of warning: the site makes it extremely hard to determine what to click on to download the program without installing something you don’t want.

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