Tilta Ecosystem for DJI RS 2

Tilta has unveiled a plethora of new accessories and mounting solutions for DJI’s new RS 2 gimbal. Whether you are looking for small accessories or complex car mounting solutions, Tilta has a lot of options available.

According to Tilta, they have been working closely with DJI even during the development of the RS 2. This has lead to a rather large ecosystem of accessories that look to be well thought out that should meet the needs of many users.

DJI officially gave Tilta the development protocols for all the peripheral interfaces, and this means they have already been tested by the DJI engineering team. The accessories have also already been thoroughly tested out in the field and improved upon via feedback.

Hydra Alien Car Mounting System

Hydra Arm

The Hydra Alien Car Mounting System is a portable mounting solution that has been designed for optimal camera placement when using the RS 2. It is claimed to offer a good combination of stability and portability, without the usual massive price tag.

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