IQUISPIN, the 360-degree photo editing app used to connect IQUI to smartphones, has also been updated today. Users can now apply filters to their 360-degree photos, which allows them to adjust color and tone of a photo before transforming it into a short video. The effect line-up has also been expanded to over 20 effects, with new effects for both IQUI and non-IQUI users.

In addition, IQUI was named one of the “BEST 100” Good Design Award winners on October 1. Organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, the Good Design Award recognizes products worldwide that enhance industry or lifestyle through design.

From the gentle curve of the Quad-Lens Optical System to its ultra-compact size made possible by its proprietary system-on-a-chip (SoC), IQUI is the result of painstaking attention to detail inside and out. Designed to be easy-to-use, even for beginners, IQUI has just three buttons, weighs just 2.1 ounces, and has a diameter of less than one inch.

In its evaluation of IQUI, the Japan Institute of Design Promotion noted, “We have high hopes that the fresh experiences offered by the IQUI 360-degree camera will help users to find new modes of expression and, as a result, generate possibilities for cultivating and expanding the market.”

The Vecnos team —which developed the world’s first consumer 360-degree camera— reimagined the 360-degree camera for a new generation of creators. Vecnos CEO Shu Ubukata commented, “IQUI’s selection for the Good Design BEST 100 reinforces our confidence in IQUI as a groundbreaking new type of 360-degree camera poised to bring a visual revolution to a wider consumer market.”

Available today

In the United States, IQUI is available for sale today at, and in eight b8ta retail stores for $299 USD + tax. For more information about b8ta locations see Simultaneously, IQUI is available starting today in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Japan on

–            Official product page
–            Amazon US product page 
–            IQUISPIN app Official Website:  
–            Evaluation page of IQUI, Good Design Award – Good Design Best 100:

About Vecnos
Vecnos Inc., the visual revolution company, is a startup venture launched in 2020, founded by the core team that designed and launched the pioneering Ricoh Theta 360 camera. Based in Yokohama, Japan, the company develops and markets products including 360-degree consumer cameras, such as IQUI, related software, such as 360-degree photo editing app IQUISPIN, and services. Vecnos leverages breakthrough optical and AI technologies to bring hardware and software together in exciting, new ways. 

Official IQUI Instagram account: @iqui_us

For more information, contact:

Barbara Hagin
Breakaway Communications (for Vecnos)
Mobile: 408.832.7626
[email protected]

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