Canon has long been one of the makers of some of the best digital camera and digital camera accessories worldwide. Anybody who has a Canon camera knows just how great their products are to use, with a great line up of gear for DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and more. Of course, camera products aren’t known for being the most affordable, but Canon has some amazing Black Friday deals going on right now.

While there are a few deals to mention, my favorite right now is the Canon EF-S 10-22mm Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens because it’s a great addition to anyone’s camera bag. Professional or amateur, an ultra-wide lens is a huge asset.

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An ultra-wide lens will help take your photography game to the next level. This Canon lens will help you take amazing landscapes and capture subjects in their surroundings — a useful tool for any photographer.

$429 at Amazon

An ultra-wide zoom lens like can help you capture your environment so much better than a lens with a longer focal length. It’s great to have a lens like this when you want to capture sprawling landscapes or create an atmosphere around your subject that tells a more immersive story.

Don’t miss out on this amazing Black Friday deal on this Canon lens for 34% off!

More Black Friday deals from Canon

A good digital camera is so much better than your iPhone for a variety of shots. While I absolutely love the deal on the lens listed above, Canon has a few other deals that are worth considering if you’re looking to upgrade your photography kit.

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