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The Vaxis Atom 500 SDI is essentially an SDI version of the Atom 500 that I reviewed earlier in the year. The benefit of using an SDI wireless video system is that it makes it compatible with more cameras and you should be able to get a lot better latency than when using HDMI.

  • Up to 500′ Line-of-Sight Range
  • OLED Screen
  • SDI In & HDMI In on TX unit, SDI Out & HDMI Out on the RX unit
  • Dedicated iOS app where up to three iPhone or iPads can view the image at once
  • Built-in antenna design
  • Optional Battery Mounting Plates
  • Support USB-C voltage input
  • Future Firmware Upgrades via USB
  • Smart fan


The Atom 500 SDI is being touted as an affordable SDI and HDMI wireless video system that can transmit video to both a receiver and an app from just about any camera. Affordable wireless video solutions have been popping up everywhere in the last year and their features and capabilities continue to improve.

The Atom 500 SDI is aimed at professional users, whereas the Atom 500 was being targeted at the Prosumer, YouTube, Vlogger market.

The Atom 500 consists of an SDI/HDMI TX and SDI/HDMI RX unit. Both work on the 5GHz frequency band.

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