Apple, stock, Buffett, Berkshire

Warren Buffett’s flagship investment house Berkshire Hathaway could’ve sold up to $5 billion worth of Apple stock last quarter, reports Business Insider.

Citing SEC docs filed on Monday, BI calculated Berkshire held roughly 964.5 million Apple shares on September 30, worth nearly $112 billion dollars.

But Berkshire disclosed $91.5 billion in Apple stock on June 30, and, after taking Apple‘s closing share price into account (as well as a 4-to-1 stock split), BI reckons this meant Berkshire owned 1.003 billion individual Apple shares at the end of 2020’s second quarter.

That implies Buffett sold roughly 39 million Apple shares last quarter, which represents 3.8% of Berkshire’s position in the iPhone maker.

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